What Egyptian Design is to Me

When researching the characteristics of Egyptian art, article after article wrote only about ancient Egyptian art. One article titled Characteristics of Egyptian Art described Egyptian art as “following certain specific rules that gave little or no room for creativity” (Joe, 2022)” when this is simply far from the truth. We have had much more to show for ourselves since ancient Egypt. I characterize Egyptian art as having familiarity, warmth, and vibrance. From the handwritten shop signs that I would walk to with my family on the weekends to the bright colors filling the streets during Ramadan, our art has depth, meaning, and passion. Egypt has an abundance of up and coming artists who are embracing our culture and showing the world what Egypt has to offer. One example is Farida Eltigi, a 22 year old designer who created a project named “The Nubian Story,” where she shed light on the perspective of Nubian women and their struggles living in Egypt. This project was recognised by many people around the world as having given them a new perspective on what Egyptian art is. Until you have visited Egypt and seen the beauty it has to offer, I don’t think anyone will understand the depth of Egyptian art. We have much more to show than just ancient Egyptian design, and Egyptian art is finally starting to show what Egyptian design truly means.


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