The Importance of the Process and not the Final Project

With each project I created in university, I learned more and more new things. I was exposed to new techniques, got better with software, and found different creative styles. It’s important to stop and reflect on what you have learned from each project you create. As a beginner designer, it’s normal to not always be completely satisfied with each project you create, but it’s vital to still take each one as a learning opportunity. In the past year, I have learned to focus more on the process of creating than the final project. From reflecting on the process of creating each project, I have learned that I am capable of much more than I limit myself to. I have learned that taking a break is important for me so I do not get overwhelmed. I have learned that getting feedback from different people helps improve my work. Though I may not always be proud of my final designs, I am proud of how much I have learned from creating each one. My experience as a beginner graphic designer has been a valuable learning journey. I discovered my strengths and weaknesses, learned new skills, and most importantly, I learned to appreciate the process of becoming a strong designer.







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