Starting Young

As a kid, I would spend my time in my room making designs on my phone. I would film and edit videos, create collages, and design art projects. My love for design came from a young age, specifically digital art. I would enjoy creating design projects on my phone and experimenting. At that age, I did not understand that this hobby could become my profession. In school, I took courses so I could major in marketing, as I did not think that graphic design was a major strong enough to pursue. It was only when I took a digital art class in school that I learned how to turn the edits I would make on my phone into professionally made designs in Photoshop and Illustrator. I fell in love with the concept of graphic design and was sure that this was what I wanted to pursue. If I had continued to listen to what others would tell me to do, I would not be doing what I am now and would have been studying something that I am not passionate about.







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