My Five Goals I Want to Achieve in Five Years

  1. Find my creative identity

Five years from now, I want to have increased my creativity. I want to have thoughts and ideas that are unique and strong. I want to have enough saturation in the world of design that I can finally figure out what my design style is. 

2. Build a strong portfolio

 Hopefully, in a couple of years, I will have created a strong portfolio with work that I am proud of. I want to have created a broad selection of designs that represent my different design abilities. I am working on this goal by researching different design projects that I can do on my own time to aid me in creating my portfolio.

3. Create a design project by myself for a business 

In five years, I hope that I will have created a design project by myself that is not for university but for work. I have this goal because, currently, I do not think I have enough confidence in my abilities to create a project without any help. I feel like this goal will aid in increasing my confidence, as I will have seen that I am strong enough to have created work for a client all on my own.

4. Put myself out in the world.

Currently, I struggle to put myself out there, and I know that this will harm me when I go into the workplace. Design is all about selling your idea and yourself, and by five years time, I hope that I will have pushed myself out of there more. I know that I have to leave the bubble I am in to grow and gain new experiences. 

5. Build my creativity

One of my larger struggles recently has been coming up with new and creative ideas. Much of this issue is because I now have enough creative exposure. I am currently working on exposing myself to more creative design projects. If I keep doing this, hopefully in five years my creativity will have increased and coming up with new ideas won’t be as much of  a struggle.


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