My First Year as a Graphic Designer

I walked into the first day of class with enthusiasm, excitement, and nerviness. I was eager to start taking steps towards the career I had been dreaming of for years but scared of this new practice that I knew little about. When it came time to start creating our first project, I was hit with the reality of having no idea what I was doing. I was coming up with these ideas but had no clue how to execute them. My first project came out mediocre at best. The next project I created was what made me sure that this major was for me. It was the first design I had created that I was proud of. We were assigned the task of creating a project that had to do with Egypt. I chose to create a rebrand for a local jewelry shop in Khan el Khalili. I chose this topic as I noticed that Egypt has so much to offer but outdated marketing that fails to grow these businesses. I created a full brand identity for this shop using exciting elements from their shop. I decided to highlight the handmade jewelry in my design by showing snaps of how the elements were made. In the end, I would not believe that I had created this all on my own. Though I look at it now, I can see that it definitely is not the best; nevertheless, I am still proud that I was able to create this project and execute my idea. My first year of university taught me not to give up and to keep practicing because if you don’t, you will stop progressing. 







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