Mind Blocks as a Beginner Graphic Designer

As a beginner graphic designer, one of the most frustrating challenges I face is having mind blocks. The feeling of being stuck can be demotivating and discouraging. It’s the struggle of either having the ideas but not knowing how to execute them or not having the ideas at all. I find myself staring at my screen, head aching, and not knowing how to pass this mind block. There are many things that have helped me overcome this. First off, going back to the beginning and revisiting the fundamentals of design. Sometimes our work just doesn’t look right, and we are not yet developed enough to automatically execute the foundations, so it’s helpful to look back at them and understand some of the problems that may be in our work. Secondly, always get opinions from various types of people, whether they have previous knowledge of design or not. This helps bring in new ideas and perspectives to overcome the block. It’s important to remember that these blocks are not a reflection of your skills or creativity and are simply part of the process of developing. Taking it easy on yourself and opening up your mind will help you overcome these mind blocks and create strong designs.







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