Local Clothing Brands: Creative but Lacking Creativity

Egypt has seen a spike in new local clothing brands created by young adults. These brands have flourished and aided Egyptians to rely more on local brands and less on mass international companies. The issue with these brands is that they all end up looking the same. There is a sense of creativity in each one, but they tend not to stand out because of the now oversaturated market. All the brands have created similar clothing brands consisting of hoodies and oversized t-shirts, with most being limited in creativity within the designs. Each person has their own unique identity, and they should focus more on that to have a brand that is unique and creative. Though it is great that young adults are taking the initiative to step into the business world, many have gone in blindly without knowing enough about the design and marketing aspects of it. From my point of view as a consumer, I believe that these brands must work more on their designs and create something more unique. These brands should also work on using more creative ways of marketing their designs. While encouraging these upcoming brands is vital, it is also important that they focus on developing unique designs and more creative marketing strategies to stand out in an oversaturated market. 







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