Lack of Creativity in Modern Day Egyptian Movie Posters

For decades, Egypt was named “The Orient’s Hollywood” and their movie posters portrayed that. Poster designs were creative and innovative, with many different design styles. With the fall of the Egyptian movie industry also came the fall of creativity in modern Egyptian movie posters. Lyu wrote about the intricacy of these posters in her article “Why Old Egyptian Film Posters Attract People to Pursue” and the fall of these designs as “handicraft arts were overhauled by technology dominated movie and poster industry” (Lyu, 2022). There seems to be a lack of diversity and creativity in all the posters. They tend to all look the same, featuring the main characters on the front with little added design creativity. These posters are what the audience first sees and are what advertises these movies, so it is vital that they stand out, as this is the best way to encourage people to watch the movie. The problem is not a lack of graphic designers in Egypt, as we have seen a rise of young designers creating new and interesting designs, but the lack of innovation among older designers, who tend to stick to the same theme for these posters. If new and more creative Egyptian designers were given a chance in this industry, I am certain that we would have a more creative and innovative array of movie poster designs.



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