Islamic Art Museum; Hidden Gem or Out Dated

Walking into the Islamic art museum of Cairo, I was astonished. Art pieces that date from thousands of years ago, a building so clean, art well displayed, and yet I had never heard of this place before. How could a place so large and rich in history be so unheard of? After departing the museum, I attempted to do some research on the location, and that’s when I recognised the issue. There were no advertisements, barely any social media posts, and outdated visual elements. Egypt has an issue with having the most stunning places but no advertisements or marketing to prove or advertise them. It relies on a limited and outdated number of tourism websites and word of mouth for people to discover these astonishing places. I truly think it is a crime to have so much history and keep it all to yourself, not broadcasting it for everyone to see the beauty that Egypt holds. If the country would invest in the younger generation of designers and place some effort into creating a strong online presence for these spots, they could benefit from attracting a whole new audience for these monuments that is not only foreigners but also young locals. This would spike Egypt’s tourism and add growth to its income.


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