History of Graphic Design

Graphic design has many different definitions, and these definitions have evolved over time. What is considered to be the earliest examples of graphic design is not how graphic design is currently understood. Pictographs and symbols discovered in the southern French Lascaux caves around 15,000 BC are the earliest evidence of graphic design. Movable type, which was developed in 1045 AD, made it possible to print documents more quickly and effectively. Graphic design changed and began to evolve into the modern form we know today around the year 1760. The first commercial applications of graphic design helped capitalism advance. Technology has begun to advance and get digital by the turn of the 20th century. Businesses began designing logos for their businesses, marketing grew, and graphic design shifted to digital. Graphic design is used in just about every industry today, from publications, to clothes, to marketing, and entertainment. Personally when thinking about graphic design I would only classify it as digital design but learning the history of it aided me in understanding the work I do and where it came from. Understanding the origins of graphic design is crucial as it can help you gain a broader perspective on graphic design and teach you its foundations. 


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