Confidence in my Abilities

Five years from now, I hope to have increased my confidence in my abilities. As a beginner designer, I struggle to be proud of my work as I tend to compare myself to designers who are much more developed in the field. I plan on doing this by first getting feedback from others. Seeking other people’s points of view who have been in the field for longer than me will give me more insight on how to improve my designs. I also aim to develop my own brand identity. Developing my own design identity will make me a stronger designer because I will know what style I am most attracted to. I will continue to practice graphic design, as the more I practice, the more confident I get in my abilities. Fixing my time management skills will also aid in increasing my confidence, as now I tend to leave everything until the last minute and am not able to create work to the best of my abilities, which decreases my confidence. I am planning to achieve this by setting realistic deadlines for myself and breaking up my tasks into smaller chunks. I hope that five years from now I can be a strong and well developed designer who is confident in her abilities.



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